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  • April 07, 2011

Doctors’ Day Motion Passes Unanimously

May 1st has been declared as Doctors’ Day in Ontario

Richmond Hill – Reza Moridi, MPP Richmond Hill successfully introduced a motion to the Ontario Legislature which declared May 1st as Doctors’ Day in Ontario.


The date of May 1st was specifically chosen as Doctors’ Day in Ontario because it is the birthday of the first female physician in Canada, Dr. Emily Stowe.

There are no Canadian provincial jurisdictions which have legislation or proclamations of any type of Doctors’ Appreciation Day. Ontario is the first, and MPP Reza Moridi was honoured to bring this motion to the Ontario Legislature.

The notion of creating a special day that would recognize the important work that doctors carry out came from Arlene Webster, Director of Medical Affairs for York Central Hospital. Dr. Larry Grossman, Chief of Staff at the hospital then presented the idea to Richmond Hill MPP, Reza Moridi who was very supportive of formally recognizing the incredible work that doctors do. The support of the Ontario Medical Association was also instrumental in helping to create this resolution.

On April 7, 2011, Reza presented his motion to the Ontario Legislature and it was passed by all parties.


“Physicians are an integral component of Ontario’s healthcare system. Formally declaring May 1st as Doctors’ Day is a wonderful opportunity for patients to show their appreciation and gratitude to the 26,000 practicing doctors across the province,” said Reza Moridi, MPP Richmond Hill. “Without the remarkable work that doctors have been doing in Ontario, we would not be enjoying the amazing quality of life which we enjoy in this province,” he added.

“York Central Hospital is proud to have played a pivotal role along with Reza Moridi in bringing a province-wide recognition of doctors based on the success of our Doctors’ Day celebrations here at our hospital over the past two years. To our knowledge, York Central Hospital is the first hospital in Canada to host this type of annual recognition event,” says Arlene Webster, Director of Medical Affairs for York Central Hospital. “Our thanks and congratulations to MPP Moridi for bringing forward the successful private member’s bill that has now resulted in the new May 1, Doctors’ Day proclamation,” she adds.

“We welcome the recognition of the personal and family sacrifices that our physicians make on a daily basis, and the role they play not only in providing quality health care but in constantly improving our health care delivery system. We hope that our new provincially proclaimed Doctors’ Day will serve as an opportunity to publicly acknowledge these accomplishments,” says Dr. Larry Grossman, Chief of Staff for York Central Hospital.

"Ontario's doctors would like to thank MPP Reza Moridi for acknowledging the many contributions physicians make to their communities," said Dr. Mark MacLeod, President of the Ontario Medical Association. "Formally declaring Doctor's Day is a chance for Ontarians to show their appreciation and gratitude to all physicians across the province."


  • Ontario doctors have helped more than 1.2 million patients who previously did not have access to a family doctor because of our strategic investments in the healthcare system.
  • Since 2004, Ontario doctors have treated over 30 million patients in emergency rooms
  • Every day Ontario doctors treat over 400,000 patients.
  • Performed more than 775,00 cataract surgeries
  • Performed nearly 108,000 knee replacement surgeries
  • Performed more than 70,000 hip replacement surgeries
  • Over 5,9000 physicians have embraced electronic medical records (EMRs) which covers nearly 6 million Ontarians
  • There are over 2,900 more physicians practicing in Ontario since 2003, more medical school spaces, and more physicians choosing to become family doctors.
  • By 2013, we will have doubled the number of doctors graduating from Ontario Universities every year – from 533 to 1, 064.

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