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  • September 22, 2016

York Regional Police to Receive $100,000 in Funding From Proceeds of Crime Front-Line Policing Grant

Ontario Supporting Police-Based Community Safety Programs

RICHMOND HILL – MPPs Michael Chan, Reza Moridi, Dr. Helena Jaczek, Steven Del Duca and Chris Ballard are pleased to announce that Ontario is investing $100,000 to help York Regional Police work with local partners to build a safer, stronger community.

Funding from the government’s Proceeds of Crime Front Line Policing Grant (POC-FLP) will help York Regional Police set up the Cassiel program.  This initiative will address child sex trafficking. Through partnerships with service providers, the project will examine the underlying intersection between child protection services and child sex trafficking. The project will be implemented in four concurrent phases, involving the police and six sectors – education, health, social services, justice, housing and the private sector – all working together to build local capacity and strong networks to proactively address identified risks for children.

This is one of 27 community projects funded under the POC-FLP Grant that will help enhance safety and well-being across the province. The POC-FLP Grant will provide more than $2 million this year to help keep communities safe. This year’s grants are based on the theme: “Creating a Safer Ontario through Community Collaboration”, and provides funding to police services for collaborative projects that address local community safety and well-being priorities.

Investing in community safety and well-being is part of the government's economic plan to build Ontario up and deliver on its number-one priority to grow the economy and create jobs. The four-part plan includes helping more people get and create the jobs of the future by expanding access to high-quality college and university education. The plan is making the largest infrastructure investment in hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and transit in Ontario's history and is investing in a low-carbon economy driven by innovative, high-growth, export-oriented businesses. The plan is also helping working Ontarians achieve a more secure retirement.


“There are a number of excellent community groups across Richmond Hill that are dedicated to building safer communities in York Region. They represent the best of our province, and our government is proud to support them. It is great to see what can be accomplished when police and the community work side-by-side to create opportunities for residents, prevent crime and build safer communities.”

— Reza Moridi, M.P.P., Richmond Hill

York Regional Police has long been a leader in community policing, forging the local partnerships and alliances that play such a pivotal role to keep us safe and secure.  This investment by our government recognizes those outstanding efforts and will help support a program that leverages those alliances to deliver effective crime prevention and protection of the vulnerable."

— Michael Chan, M.P.P., Markham-Unionville

“Recognizing the need and value for more collaborative projects between police and community service providers, our government is committed to creating a safer Ontario through the POC-FLP grants. For York Region, the grant will build local capacity and strong networks to address and identify risks for children.”

— Steven Del Duca, M.P.P., Vaughan

“It goes without saying that York Regional Police work tirelessly to keep our communities safe for our families. This is why I am pleased that our government is supporting Cassiel, a landmark initiative combatting child sex trafficking with a Safer and Vital Communities Grant."

Dr. Helena Jaczek, M.P.P., Oak Ridges–Markham

“This funding highlights that a collaborative approach to community safety works. Collaboration allows police, service providers and community groups to ensure those at risk are able to receive the services they need. Newmarket-Aurora will benefit by allowing us to build safer, stronger communities.”

Chris Ballard, M.P.P., Newmarket

“Our government recognizes that a collaborative approach to community safety and well-being works, and the 52 projects funded support our efforts. By working together, police, service providers and community groups are better able to meet the needs of our communities and ensure that individuals at risk are able to access the services they need. These grants help make that possible and help us to build safer, stronger communities across the province.”

— David Orazietti, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

"This grant will allow both our community partners and York Regional Police investigators to continue to build their expertise in the area of human trafficking. It will ensure that we adapt a collaborative approach in combating juvenile sex trafficking among government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) within our region. The funding ensures that we have the financial resources to provide the appropriate human trafficking awareness and training for our investigators and the crucial NGOs that support our investigations and the victims of these crimes. Our investigators will proactively identify and apprehend predators seeking out the services of exploited juveniles. When at-risk youth are identified, our combined intervention team will be able to provide a rapid response to those in crisis and ensure the proper resources are in place to bring our youth back to a stable and safe lifestyle."

— Eric Jolliffe, Chief, York Regional Police


  • The POC-FLP Grant is funded by seized assets that have been forfeited to the government as proceeds of crime following criminal prosecutions. 
  • Since 2010, this POC-FLP Grant has provided more than $16 million in funding for 184 community safety projects.


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